Buying land is one of the greatest achievements in life. It is one of the best assets to acquire as it appreciates over time. When you own the land, you can use the title deed to access financing very easily from a  bank, sacco or a lending company that you can use to develop the land or for reinvestment.

However, this great investment can turn to ceaseless regrets if the deal turns to the scum common among individuals selling land compared to legit land selling companies. With a land selling company, such cases are rare since most of the due diligence documents are readily available and in the event that one is purchasing a plot, the land is already subdivided hence reducing the chances of being duped.

Buying land from a registered, trusted, and reputable land selling company is a clear indication of safe investment compared to individuals selling land that is not even registered and can sell land that they do not have a claim over. Land selling companies must do all necessary due diligence before acquiring the land they sell to clients. Land selling companies can easily certify that the land is free from encumbrances.

This makes the option of buying land from a land selling company a good option if you want to buy land. The following are some of the benefits of buying land from a land selling company:

1. Certified and Verified Land

Buying land from individuals is like risking losing all your money and ownership of the land. Land bought from individuals mostly has issues such as land disputes among families and selling the land to more than one person. With land selling companies, such issues are rare since they normally engage all the family members and local authorities before buying land.

For example, a company like RICCO HOMES & DEVELOPERS LTD that deals in selling land cannot accept to buy land from people without engaging all the family members that have or may have interest in the land they want to acquire. This has helped the company gain trust from its customers, and the company stands as one the best land selling companies in Nanyuki and beyond that most clients prefer.

2. Effective documentation of your property

Land selling company will ensure that all the paperwork concerning your land is genuine and properly documented because it is selling itself and dealing with reputable clients. Thus, you are sure of getting complete documentation of your property.

From survey plans, Registered mutations, Title deeds with the company name, etc., buying land from land selling companies saves clients from the stress of engaging the neighbors to inquire on the history of the land compared to individuals selling land that requires one to do a thorough on the ground due diligence .

3. Land selling companies give room for installment payments.

Land selling companies offer flexible payment plans for clients who cannot afford to pay the full sum of money at once.The best part about buying land with Ricco Homes & Developers Ltd, is there is no interest charged on buyers opting to pay in installments.

This  makes the acquisition of property in Nanyuki and beyond affordable and seamless. The installment periods vary among land selling companies. For example, some can do 3 to 6 months depending on how a buyer negotiates with the company. This is not the case with individuals selling the land where you are required to pay the entire amount upfront. However, the land price may be low when you buy from an individual, but the challenges you may face after buying the land can be unquantifiable.

To escape nightmares associated with land purchases that may scar you for life , it is advisable to buy land from genuine and reputable land selling companies such as Ricco Homes & Developers Limited. By considering the above benefits, your investment can be free from any encumbrances, and you will never regret buying land.

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