Kajiado town has been undergoing a property boom since 2010 that is now at an all-time high. The town is strategically located, with over 10 banks and over 10 universities in the area. Additionally, there are a number of hotels being set up in the area with our latest projects Golden Ridge and Golden Acres located right opposite  Eden resort, a five star resort hotel that is currently undergoing expansion.

Immigrants from neighboring towns and Investors are majorly attracted to Kajiado town because of the prevailing peace and co-existence of different communities. The town is 75 km from Nairobi which has been attributed to its fast growth with a majority of the initial investors having seen their investments grow in just five years. This trend is expected to continue as the town is still growing rapidly. A major contribution to Kajiado’s growth is population growth in Nairobi resulting in a need for housing as well as an Industrial zone.

A major contribution to Kajiado’s growth is population growth in Nairobi, which resulted in a need for housing as well as an industrial zone. The town’s proximity to Tanzania has also placed Kajiado at an advantage. Kajiado benefits from the presence of huge factories that employ thousands of employees.

The railway line passes at the heart of Kajiado town providing alternative modes of transport to the town. The cost of materials for construction is affordable, making Kajiado Township a center of real estate development. Golden Ridge, our new project , is strategically placed with red soil,electricity and magnificent views of Mt. Ol Doinyo Orok Forest, Olemiboti and Olonyoro hills.

The Kajiado airstrip, which targets tourists headed to Amboseli and neighboring Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is also another aspect that makes Kajiado the place to be. There is no better time to own a piece of Kajiado than now. This is the best time to purchase land as the prices are still low.

Kajiado has extensive land for industrial and manufacturing plants. Ready and affordable workforce exists and also easy access to raw materials. The Government recently set up a cement clinker plant within the county. Other up and running manufacturers include Magadi Soda in Magadi and Steel Melting Plant in Isinya.

As pastoralists, Kajiado people have been traditional livestock farmers throughout history. The county government has enhanced this by constructing a modern export slaughterhouse at Imbirikani to cater for meat production in Kajiado and its environs. There is also a leather tannery at Isinya and livestock yard sales in many areas. Livestock farming is a lucrative business in Kajiado.

In addition, the county has arable land suitable for domestic and commercial farming. Locals are embracing farming for sustainable and consistent food production to cater for the residents in the area. Great potential exists for investors in large-scale farming. The county government has prioritized sinking of boreholes to develop irrigation.

Kajiado County has great potential. Unlike other counties like Nairobi it’s not overexploited. Its close proximity to the capital city makes it even more appealing and worthwhile. Kajiado has also appeared in lists of the richest counties in Kenya numerous times. This clearly shows the lucrative prospects of the county.

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