The name “Kajiado” comes from the word “Olkeju-ado.” Which means “The Long River” in the Maasai language. The seasonal river named after the town runs from West to the East of the town.The original name for Kajiado was “Olpurapurana”, which means “a round elevation”.

 Kajiado County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. As of 2019, Kajiado county spanned an area of 21,292.7 km2, with a recorded population of 1,117,840. The county borders Nairobi and extends to the Tanzania border further south. The county capital is Kajiado town, but the largest town is Ongata Rongai. Its main tourist attraction is its wildlife.

Kajiado is subdivided into five sub-counties with 25 county assembly wards across the county.  All the five constituencies have 5 county assembly wards each. There are 17 divisions which are further subdivided into 101 locations and 212 sub-locations. Politically, the district is divided into three parliamentary constituencies: Kajiado North, Kajiado Central, and Kajiado South.

Joseph Jama Ole Lenku is the governor serving his first term after being elected in 2017 on and is deputized by Martin Moshisho Martin. Phillip Salau Mpaayeiwas is serving his first term as the senator and was elected in 2017. Janet Marania Teyiaa is the second women representative for the county and was also elected in 2017 on a Jubilee Party ticket. There are one hundred trading centers in the county.

Tomato, cabbage, Kales and Banana are mainly grown for horticulture production. Crops grown for cereal production include maize, sorghum millet, beans, cowpeas and green grams. Some of the tubers grown are sweet potatoes, cassava and Irish potatoes.

The three main livestock kept are cattle, sheep, goats and they are kept for meat, offal, raw fats, fresh hides and skins.  Kajiado has a station on the Magadi Soda Railway line which runs from Konza (on the Nairobi-Mombasa line) to Magadi. However this line operates limited passenger services, the most convenient way to travel to Kajiado from Nairobi is by using a matatu number 134, with NAEKANA sacco dominating the road transport to Kajiado town.

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